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"Self-wilding" refers to a process of reconnecting with nature, embracing one's true nature, and allowing oneself to be more in tune with the natural world. It involves a conscious effort to reclaim elements of wildness, authenticity, and a deeper connection with the environment, both internally and externally.Here are some aspects often associated with self-wilding:Nature Connection: Self-wilding involves spending time in nature, observing, and learning from the natural world. It's about fostering a deeper relationship with the environment, appreciating its rhythms, and finding inspiration in its beauty.Authentic Living: It encourages individuals to embrace their true selves, letting go of societal expectations or constraints, and reconnecting with their instincts and intuition.Reconnecting with the Body: This practice often involves reconnecting with the physical body, listening to its needs, and honoring its natural rhythms. It might include practices like mindful movement, intuitive eating, or simply tuning into bodily sensations.Mindfulness and Presence: Self-wilding often emphasizes being present in the moment, practicing mindfulness, and embracing the spontaneity and unpredictability of life.Creative Expression: It encourages individuals to express themselves creatively, tapping into their innate creativity, whether through art, writing, music, or other forms of self-expression.Self-wilding is a deeply personal journey, and its expression can vary widely from person to person. For some, it might involve spending more time in natural settings, while for others, it could mean embracing a more primal or instinctual way of living. Ultimately, it's about finding a balance between the human experience and the natural world, honoring one's true nature, and living authentically in harmony with the environment.

wim hof method

The Wim Hof Method is a combination of specific breathing techniques, cold exposure, and meditation. The breathing exercises involve controlled hyperventilation followed by breath retention. Cold exposure techniques include cold showers, ice baths, or exposure to cold environments.The Wim Hof Method offesr several potential benefits, which include:Improved Immune Function: Some studies suggest that practicing the Wim Hof Method may enhance the immune system's response, potentially leading to better resistance against illnesses.Increased Energy Levels: Practitioners often report feeling more energized and alert after practicing the breathing exercises and cold exposure.Reduced Stress and Anxiety: The method includes mindfulness and breathing techniques that may help individuals manage stress better and reduce symptoms of anxiety.Better Focus and Mental Clarity: Practicing the method's breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques may improve focus and mental clarity for some individuals.Enhanced Cold Tolerance: Regular exposure to cold temperatures as part of this method might help individuals develop better tolerance to cold environments.Improved Circulation: Cold exposure and specific breathing patterns might promote better blood circulation in the body.Inflammation Reduction: Some studies suggest that the Wim Hof Method might help reduce inflammation markers in the body.


Breathwork has many influences such us pranayama, yoga, meditation, tai chi and other ancient techniques. It became popular in the 60s with Leonard Orr and his rebirthing theory, where he emphasise the importance and use of the breath to heal traumas, including birth trauma. There are different types of breathwork, some use nose others mouth breathing, also the use of music and the length of the session, but ultimately the main goal is to unblock and release traumas stored in our minds and bodies through breathing.By doing conscious connected breathing, we use our parasympathetic nervous system, which means we are in a calm and relax state, so we can surrender and allow our body, mind and spirit to integrate and have access to our subconscious and bring to light our fears, self-doubts, traumas and anything that is stopping us from fulfilling our goals in life.What to expect in a session:The most important part of a session is that you work on anything that you feel is not making you happy or stops you from reaching you own potential.Normally a breathwork session lasts 90 minutes, over this time you will be introduced to what breathwork is, its benefits and contraindications, and the type of breathing that you will be doing.After that we will be doing a grounding exercise where you can relax any tension before the breathing, then we will work on your intentions, on what you would like to achieve in the session and you will also work on your positive affirmations, they can be your mantras during the session.Once you are ready and in a comfortable position you will start the conscious connected breathing, this will last for about 45 minutes, during this time, there will be music that will help you to get into your subconscious, and I will be there all the time, encouraging you to breathe and to give you any support.Finally there will be a time for integration, journaling and sharing (If that’s what you want).Some of the benefits are:Connect body, mind and spiritRelease traumasClear physical, emotional and mental blockagesIncrease overall wellbeing and positivityExperience new energy and a sense of blissDetoxify your mind and bodyReduce the muscle tension and anxiety present with stress-related symptoms and thoughtsBoost attention span and sharpen focusReduce the perception od chronic pain or help cope with physical discomfortOpen you to a rush of creativity while quieting your inner criticCalm your nervous sysyem, stave off insomnia, and prepare your body for restStrengthen the immune system by boosting antibodies and potentially reducing inflammationHelps to overcome drug/alcohol addictionHelps you to connect with people and other living things

Where you look is where you go!On-line program

Program Overview: "Where you look is where you go" is a meticulously designed six-week online program that integrates profound breathwork techniques with personal growth exercises to empower participants in achieving emotional balance, mental clarity, and a heightened sense of well-being. This program is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their personal development journey, manage stress effectively, and unlock new levels of self-awareness.Key Features:
Professional Instruction: Led by an experienced breathwork facilitator and trauma informed, ensuring a comprehensive and nurturing learning experience.
Diverse Breathwork Techniques:
Explores a variety of powerful breathing methods including conscious connected breathing, and energizing breath techniques, coupled with relaxation and mindfulness practices.
Weekly Themes:
Each week focuses on a specific theme, such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, and mindfulness, providing a structured yet holistic growth experience.
Interactive Online Workshops:
Live workshops offer opportunities for personal reflection, group discussions, and practical exercises designed to deepen the learning experience.
Personalized Support: Individualized attention through one-on-one coaching sessions, tailored to address personal goals and challenges.Comprehensive Digital Resources:
Access to a wide array of digital resources including video tutorials, list of books and articles and educational material on breathwork and personal development.
Community Engagement:
Participants will be part of an online community, fostering a supportive environment for sharing experiences and insights.
- Increased emotional regulation and reduction in stress and anxiety
- Greater mental focus and clarity
- Enhanced self-awareness and personal insight
- Improved physical health and energy levels
- A deeper connection to oneself and a sense of inner peace
Target Audience:
This program is designed for individuals of all backgrounds, whether new to breathwork and personal development or those looking to deepen their existing practice.
Program Duration: The course extends over six weeks, with structured modules released weekly.Enrollment: The program offers rolling enrollment with new sessions beginning regularly to accommodate various schedules.With "Where you look is where you go" you will embark on a transformative journey that not only teaches you the art of breathwork but also guides you in integrating these practices into daily life for lasting personal growth and empowerment. Join us to discover the power of your breath to free your inner nature.

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Men's Retreat

The pressures and expectations placed on men to conform to traditional notions of masculinity often lead to emotional suppression, isolation, and to higher rates of depression and suicide.
Creating a space where men can openly discuss their emotions, vulnerabilities, and challenges without fear of judgment is crucial. Breaking down these stereotypes and encouraging authenticity allows for genuine connection and healing. When men feel supported and empowered to embrace their emotions and true selves, it positively impacts mental health and overall well-being.
Promoting transparency, authenticity, and mutual support among men is an essential step toward fostering a healthier and more inclusive understanding of masculinity. Providing tools, discussions, and activities that encourage emotional expression and self-discovery can profoundly impact the lives of men and contribute to breaking down societal barriers that limit men's emotional growth and expression.
1. Community Building: Foster a supportive and inclusive community where men feel safe to express vulnerabilities, share experiences, and connect with one another without fear of judgment.
2. Creating Safe Spaces: Establish environments—through retreats, forums, and alliances—that encourage open dialogue, where men can break free from societal expectations and norms, and express their emotions authentically.
3. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Addictions, and Fears: Provide resources, discussions, and support systems to help men challenge and overcome societal pressures, limiting beliefs, addictive behaviours, and fears that hinder personal growth and well-being.
4. Expansion and Collaboration: Extend the reach of the project by partnering with forums, organizations, artists, holistic practitioners, and institutions to create a broader network of support, incorporating diverse perspectives and resources.
5. Holistic Approach: Integrate various holistic therapies and practices—such as breathwork, ice immersion, ceremonies, art therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and alternative healing modalities—to offer a comprehensive toolkit for personal growth and healing.
By aiming to build a strong community, create safe spaces, and provide diverse resources and support systems, this project seeks to address the multifaceted needs of men, promoting emotional well-being, personal development, and a redefinition of masculinity that embraces authenticity and vulnerability
Who is this for?
This project's inclusivity is commendable. By being open to men from all backgrounds, religions, and belief systems, we're creating a space that welcomes anyone seeking personal growth, emotional expression, and transformation.
It's for men who might have felt constrained by societal expectations, who desire to break free from the limitations placed upon them, and who recognize the need for change in their lives. It's for those who want to explore and embrace their authentic selves and who are ready to embark on a journey toward inner freedom and personal empowerment.
By emphasizing the universality of these struggles and aspirations, this project ensures that men from diverse backgrounds and experiences can find a supportive and accepting environment to embark on their journey of self-discovery and healing.
The combination of the healing techniques that we will be practicing like breathwork, the Wim Hof method, grounding exercises, somatic practices, and meditation, along with activities like hiking and sharing, creates a well-rounded and immersive journey toward self-discovery and healing.
Living in community for two nights, dedicating time to listen, talk, share, and support each other can foster deep connections and create a safe space for personal growth. The emphasis on expression, both in terms of sharing experiences and allowing transformation to unfold, speaks to the openness and vulnerability that can lead to profound changes.
Real transformation can happen when we open ourselves up to it. Allowing for that transformation within a supportive and nurturing environment, where individuals can explore various healing modalities and connect with nature and each other can facilitate incredible personal shifts and growth.
The combination of these practices encourages individuals to explore their inner selves, release what no longer serves them, and embrace new possibilities for healing and personal development.
This retreat is designed to facilitate a holistic and transformative experience for everyone involved through the following practices:
1. Breathwork (Conscience Connected Breathing)
• Breathwork to release emotional blockages.
• Bodywork to connect with our bodies
2. Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions:
• Grounding exercises to encourage mindfulness and self-reflection.
• Breathwork exercises to promote relaxation and stress relief.
3. Wim Hof method:
• Introduction to the method, breathwork and ice bath.
• Outdoor cold immersion
4. Communication and Connection Workshops:
• Active listening exercises and communication skill-building activities.
• Discussions on healthy relationships, intimacy, and vulnerability.
5. Nature and Adventure Activities:
• Outdoor excursion, hiking to foster connection with the natural environment.
• Team-building activities such as walks on nature.
6. Personal Development Workshops:
• Goal-setting and vision boarding sessions to clarify individual aspirations.
• Workshops on emotional intelligence, resilience, and self-awareness.
7. Creativity and Expression Workshops:
• Art therapy or creative expression sessions to encourage self-discovery.
• Writing workshops for journaling, storytelling, or poetry.
8. Men's Circles and Group Discussions:
• Facilitated group discussions on masculinity, identity, and societal expectations.
• Men's circles for sharing personal experiences, challenges, and support.
9. Ceremonies:
• Cacao ceremony to connect with mother earth and the elements.
• Fire ceremony to burn away what doesn’t serve us any longer.

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cacao ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies are ritualistic gatherings centered around the use of ceremonial-grade cacao, often referred to as "drinking chocolate." This practice has ancient roots among indigenous cultures in Mesoamerica, where cacao was considered sacred and used in various rituals and ceremonies.During a cacao ceremony, participants consume a specially prepared form of cacao while engaging in various activities, such as meditation, listening to music, sharing intentions, and specially to connect with mother earth.Key elements of a cacao ceremony may include:Ceremonial Cacao: The cacao used in these ceremonies is often in its purest form, minimally processed, and specifically prepared for ceremonial purposes. It's not the same as the processed chocolate found in most stores.Intention Setting: Participants typically set intentions for the ceremony, focusing on personal growth, healing, or specific goals they wish to achieve.Meditation and Reflection: Ceremonies often involve guided meditation, reflection, or group activities designed to encourage introspection and emotional healing.Connection and Community: Cacao ceremonies often emphasize creating a sense of community and connection among participants.Healing and Spiritual Growth: Participants may seek healing, emotional release, or spiritual insights during the ceremony.What you can experience during a cacao ceremony:A heart opening journey of oneness, love and ecstasy
Healing therapy – releasing blocks, recognizing patterns, following your heart
Finding a connection to your highest self, your own power and truth
A shamanic or spiritual journey
A space to enter into meditation – being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you
A balance of masculine and feminine energies in the body
Enhanced creativity


My name is David Fabrizio Vasquez, i am from Ecuador, i grew up between the Galapagos Islands and the mountains. I currently live in Malaga, Spain, where I manage a retreat centre called Cortijo el Cachete.I am a certified Wim Hof instructor level 1, as well as a certified breathwork facilitator, bodywork and trauma informed practices. I have also studied a cacao ceremony course to become certified practitioner and facilitator.I came across breathwork through one of the retreats that were held in the retreat centre, the first session during the training program, I knew this was something special that needed to be shared and thought.I practice the Wim Hof method everyday, I believe that we all have the power within ourselves to heal and to overcome any limitations, and that can be achieved by combining the cold, the breath with positive thoughts, and consistency.


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